Packing Score: Jan 2010, Boston, Business, 3 days

This short blog will be used to document how well I packed for a given trip. Title will follow the pattern above: Date, Loc, Reason, Length. Then I will score how well I did.

What did I forget? What did I bring that I didn’t use? What did I use that I loved having with me? Maybe this will lead to greater efficiency, maybe it will just be a laugh.

Alarm clock. No biggie, figure out the hotel clock and also set the iPhone alarm. Since I don’t really know how to work the hotel clock I have to sit up and turn on the light to find the snooze button. Since the iPhone is across the room, I have to GET up and go over there. OK fine, I’m awake! Maybe I’ll ditch the alarm from my packing list. Maybe I’ll make a packing list.

Didn’t Bring: Stealth entry. I didn’t bring a robe. I never bring a robe. Even a travel robe seems overkill when you are trying to pack light. But my room was cold and I didn’t want to run the noisy heater so it would have been nice to have something other than my raincoat to wear. But I don’t think I’ll get in the habit of bringing one with me.

Didn’t Use:
Workout gear including very bulky running shoes. Just couldn’t get it together. But hope springs eternal so I’ll probably keep bringing the stuff. I have used them in the past, pinky swear!

Used, Loved
I love my iGo cord and tips. So much saved space. When Powermat offers 1 and 2 pod travel mats, I may have to change.

My iPhone TomTom app helped us get to and from the restaurant we went to for a team dinner.  Handy!

Packing Score: 80 (out of 100) Totally subjective.

Note: I am not being paid by anyone to pimp their products. I’m just sayin’ so you can gauge my credibility and just in case and companies wanted to ask. To which I would say no. Most likely.