Comcast Customer Service – NOT!

All I wanted was to change my automatic billing for my account. Some companies make you mail or fax them a form with a cancelled check but I haven’t got my new checks yet. Comcast lets you do it on-line, yay!

So I login to my account, I fill out the digits, I press return and wait indifferently for the confirmation. I did NOT wait with bated breath because, really, how long could it take? I got back a blank pop-up, that’s all. WTF! No problemo, I will just use that handy dandy Ask Comcast feature…no wait that’s some sort of artificial intelligence LISA-like program that is not addressing my problem. I know,  I’ll use that live chat thing–that’s worked well in the past!

Live chat does not go well:

Baldoza: What services are you currently subscribe to?

Me: I don’t know. Why is that important? I’m just trying to change my billing.

Baldoza: Because I need to know if the account you are using is the right account that would work. May I also have the email account you are using to log in.


Baldoza: We’ve found the cause of the problem. Since the merge of and, subscribers who have internet service from Comcast get to have a account. This has been system generated and will be your official log in to all your Comcast information.

Me: Ok I don’t get that. I was able to login. I was able to request a change in billing. I just never got a confirmation.

Baldoza: That’s exactly the problem. Since the email you are using is no longer the official log in, either you are not able to log in or your (sic) not able to make additional changes.

I have Comcast for high speed internet, pretty happy with that, but I get my email elsewhere, have for years, don’t want to change and have to freakin’ notify everyone, thanks! And the web site never gave me a clue what was happening. Picture me, getting…annoyed.]

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