Comcast Customer Service – NOT!

All I wanted was to change my automatic billing for my account. Some companies make you mail or fax them a form with a cancelled check but I haven’t got my new checks yet. Comcast lets you do it on-line, yay!

So I login to my account, I fill out the digits, I press return and wait indifferently for the confirmation. I did NOT wait with bated breath because, really, how long could it take? I got back a blank pop-up, that’s all. WTF! No problemo, I will just use that handy dandy Ask Comcast feature…no wait that’s some sort of artificial intelligence LISA-like program that is not addressing my problem. I know,  I’ll use that live chat thing–that’s worked well in the past!

Live chat does not go well:

Baldoza: What services are you currently subscribe to?

Me: I don’t know. Why is that important? I’m just trying to change my billing.

Baldoza: Because I need to know if the account you are using is the right account that would work. May I also have the email account you are using to log in.


Baldoza: We’ve found the cause of the problem. Since the merge of and, subscribers who have internet service from Comcast get to have a account. This has been system generated and will be your official log in to all your Comcast information.

Me: Ok I don’t get that. I was able to login. I was able to request a change in billing. I just never got a confirmation.

Baldoza: That’s exactly the problem. Since the email you are using is no longer the official log in, either you are not able to log in or your (sic) not able to make additional changes.

I have Comcast for high speed internet, pretty happy with that, but I get my email elsewhere, have for years, don’t want to change and have to freakin’ notify everyone, thanks! And the web site never gave me a clue what was happening. Picture me, getting…annoyed.]

Me: Gah. I can login fine with You are saying, what? I need to logout and log back in as what? I don’t need another email address.

Baldoza: But for your Comcast online account, you would have to use this as your login. You don’t necessarily have to use it as an email.

Me: Ok, I protest. I hate it but besides that I don’t even know HOW to do this. What is my email? This is becoming a customer satisfaction issue. As in, I am the customer and I am NOT satisfied.

Baldoza: I am sure our internet team will be able to explain more of this. I can transfer you right over to them. What they will need to just pull up your login that is already registered to the system.

Super. Greaty, I type–though I’ve shortened and cleaned up some of the exchange above, my typing skills are degrading with my mood now. But they transfer me to chat with their internet team and…

Marilyn: Hi there! How are you doing?

Um, guess they don’t read the previous exchange first? or get a heads up from the transferrer?

Me: Not happy.

Marilyn: Oh I am so sorry to hear that! I will do my best to make you feel better! How can I be of service?

Grrreat, gotta start over

Me: Great, well, I”m trying to change my billing and am told I must now use some login. I don’t use you guys for email and I don’t know what address you may have set up for me.

Marilyn: I am sorry for the inconvenience.

This is me cutting out some of my snarky responses. I’m not proud. But. I. could. not. help. it.

Marilyn: For that matter, let me inform you that and already merged and you will now be accessing and paying your bill through your username and password. If you do not have your username and password, no worries since I can provide you with that. May I have the account holders name, full address and 16-digit account number.

Already gave it but sure, here it is again…

Marilyn: While I am doing this for you, let me share something that is beneficial to you. Your Comcast High-Speed gives you valuable extras like online security, Universal Address Book and more. To learn more about Comcast High Speed Internet Benefits kindly go to this link.

Oh no SHE DIDN’T! I’m not going to give the link because why should I do anything that might help them here.

Me: Ok, you know, I don’t want ANY of that. I am happy with my email service and I am not changing and I’m already pretty annoyed. So please don’t sell me on the fabulous benefits, thanks anyway.

{See what I mean about snarky?}

Marilyn: I  checked on your Comcast email and I see that it has not been activated. Can you give me your three preferences.

Me: You are killing me. Fine here are three suggested names.

Of course it hasn’t been activated, did I mention I DON’T use you guys for my email.

Marilyn: Now, may I have your reliable number that we can call for updates and for you to have your password please?

Me: Will someone be calling soon?

Marilyn: Yes, they will call within 24 hours.

So here I am posting 36 hours later and no one has called. When I told a friend of mine about this she said can’t you just call them to make this change? What?!? Human contact?!?! Well…ok I tried that today and was told they couldn’t do it over the phone and I had to login so I briefly explained the problem and am now waiting on hold (lovely music) for someone in internet support. Sigh.

Internet Help: No, way! you must have an email because when we provision the modem, we have to set one up.

Me: Well that may be the procedure now but I’ve been a customer for a long time so maybe that wasn’t how they did it way back then.

Internet help: What do you know you’re right you DON’T have a email, I could do this by re-provisioning the modem but that might cause problems with your internet access–let me check with the helpdesk to see if there is an easier way.

Wouldn’t you know I got disconnected about here. Not sure whose fault so I wont blame it on Comcast. I call back and the helpful, nice lady tried to help but then realizes she can’t so she transfers me to the Internet team. This time they are ready with my userid and temporary password. I login, change my password, change my billing preferences and, this is key, forward any email to my preferred email address.  Hopefully this will finally do what I was trying to do in the first place.

What I Learned

  • Some corporate genius had the brilliant idea to force me to use as my login email for some corporate benefit that I don’t care about
  • The support people in chat and on the phone are usually fairly nice and patient and probably following  a pre-determined script
  • This stuff really can tick a customer off when they are trying to get something simple done and feel like a corporation is manipulating them to sell them more
  • It makes a person look for websites like which have a special Comcast page
  • It makes a person Google “How to get rid of cable”

5 thoughts on “Comcast Customer Service – NOT!

  1. Cable companies and mobile operators are the top 2 contributors to stories like this. It’s actually not only them but almost everything about a customer service. I’m originally from a developing country and these things don’t even happen there – I don’t know why they happen in the US. I’ve friends from Europe and Asia and we discussed the same thing recently – we don’t know what’s wrong with the customer support here…

  2. I apologize for the experience. I would like to look into the overall experience and address the issues you mentioned. Will you please let us know the phone number on the account?

    Best regards,

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations,com

  3. Well Kudos to Comcast for searching for their name and catching this and contacting me. I emailed my info and my summary of the problem (policy not customer service, actually–except for the call with my email/pw I never got). The message back, when escalated to Comcast Corporate was, you were given correct information and…
    Comcast is working on many new features for billing that will improve the below experience in the future. One of those features will be similar to a billing address, we will have a email mailing address feature in Customer Central allowing you to enter your email address.

    Can’t wait to see it.

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