Rome, If You Want To…

When I found out that my work would take me to Rome, Italy in May I immediately did two things:

  1. Look at the school calendar to see when my son’s school year ended and lobbied for the meeting to take place just after that date
  2. Started lobbying my husband for us to take a vacation in Italy, starting in….Rome!
My arguments were impeccable:
  • My flight is paid for as part of work
  • I can get you and the child (well just-barely-preteen) there on miles
  • It’s a big birthday year for me (50)
  • It’s a big anniversary year for us (25)

My son piped in…and I’m turning 13 this year so we can celebrate that! With a little bit of (lot of) pushing, whining and persuading (“This is the only year we’ll have been married for 25 years!”), my husband agreed.

Scr-rrr-rrr–eech. Rewind: What’s that about “big anniversary” again? I’ve always had trouble remembering the year, day and even month of our wedding anniversary. The second (or third, I’m not sure) year we were married, I was falling asleep one fine March night when I popped up, fully awake, and exclaimed: Tomorrow is our anniversary and we haven’t planned anything! You make dinner reservations, I’ll pop out at lunch to do some shopping! My husband, sleepily: “It is?” Me: “Yes, don’t you remember, we didn’t want to get married in June, so we got married just before.” Him: “We didn’t want to get married in June?”

The next day I went to work, danced into the locker room to get ready to run with my buddies and told my female friends: “Today is my wedding anniversary!” Them: “Congratulations, got any plans!” Me: “Sure, we’re going out to dinner!”  We got dressed and went out to meet our male running buddy. Me: “Today is my wedding anniversary!” Him: “No it’s not, you got married in May.” Me: “Maaaaay…..”  In my defense, May and March start with the same first two letters and…well that’s it for my defense. I call my husband and say: “Today is not our wedding anniversary!” Him: “Well I didn’t think so but you sounded so sure.” Sigh. And did you notice the part where in “March” I’m explaining that we didn’t want to get married in June so we got married just before? Yeah, neither did we.

Anyway so, upon reflection and review, I’m vaguely remembering we got married in 1987 so it’s probably our 24th anniversary not our 25th but the both start with 2 and…yeah, that’s not going to work. When I said “This is the only year we’ll have been married for 25 years” — hey, maybe not! I’m not going to confirm this, it’s worked so far…for 24 or 5 years.

Anyway who needs an excuse to go to Rome? Or, as we decided…to Italy, starting with Rome, for a three week cultural and culinary tour of our own devising? Not us!
You're the Top!

Up next: All Roads Lead To-From-To Rome



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